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Account and Billing Info

Know Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Water Utility Customer

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) prepared this guide to summarize the regulations regarding Standards and Billing Practices for Residential Service.

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Download and fill out the PDF that applies to you.

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How to Read Your Utility Bill

Use the image and the text below to understand your bill.

A. This is your Reynolds Utilities account number. Payments by check should include this account number to ensure payments are applied correctly.

B. The service address is the location services are provided.

C. The due date is the date that your bill is due on, or before.

D. This is the total amount due, including past due charges from previous billing cycles, recent payments, and adjustments.

E. This easy-to-read graph provides 13 months of usage history. This information is helpful for conservation purposes, and in alerting you to possible excessive usage.

F. You will find a detachable stub located at the bottom of your utility bill. Detach this stub and return it with your payment. Indicate changes in mailing address and other contact information on this stub.

G. Be sure to check the reverse of the bill for payment options and other relevant information.

Printed billing statement example
Printed billing statement example back

Important Information About Your Bill

A copy of each rate schedule, an explanation of how to verify the accuracy of a bill, and an explanation of the various charges is available at the business office. Please telephone (724) 646-1144 or visit our business office if you have a request, inquiry, or complaint. Please bring billing inquiries to our attention BEFORE the due date of the bill.

Failure to receive a bill is no excuse for non-payment. Normal billing date will occur by the 10th of each month. Bills are considered delinquent if not paid within twenty (20) days of the bill date.

If, for whatever reason, we are unable to read your meter, you will receive an estimated bill. An "E" will be printed on your bill if it is estimated.


You have the responsibility to notify the Company at least seven days prior to your moving date. If you fail to do this, you may have to pay for service at your old address even after you vacated the premises.


Company personnel carry identification cards. Do not hesitate to ask our employees to identify themselve before letting them into your home or on our property. If you question the identity of a person representing him/herself as a Reynolds Utilities employee, contact the Business Office immediately.